January 20, 2014

Can We Make One-Pieces A Thing?

If you're anything like me, you've already bookmarked bathing suits you might just have to purchase for this summer. It's not like things are even starting to get warm in New York but still, we can dream, no? For a few years now, I've been attracted to one-pieces and last year, I finally bought the Stella one-piece from Salt Swimwear (I'm wearing it in the photo above!). While I thought I'd feel too modest and old lady-ish in my new one-piece, I actually found myself feeling like I was revealing too much. It's weird. It's as if my brain is used to the fact that a bikini is without-a-doubt revealing and that there's no way around that. And on the other hand, my one-piece felt like I was wearing a super revealing dress that I would normally not wear. It just didn't make any sense! Eventually though, I got used to it and I'll have to admit I feel extremely editorial-worthy in my one-piece.

So, can we make one-pieces a "thing"? Sure, they might already be a little "thing" but that's only among the sartorially savvy people out there. See, I'm heading to Miami next week and already know my one-piece will convince people I'm either embarrassingly missing a belly-button or a Mormon about to walk into the temple. Sometimes I wish women didn't always feel the need to reveal more in order to feel pretty or sexy; shouldn't that be a direct result of the confidence you have in wearing something? I'm looking at you, Miami ;) One-pieces can be sexy, confident and extremely fashionable. Won't you give it a try?

And now, four one-pieces worthy of the shores you'll be gracing this summer:


MontgomeryFest said...

I love a good one-piece. Especially that good #3!

Gabs said...

So chic! So classy!

facile decor said...

Cool photo!!